Cloth Mask - Fashion, Flowers and Fun Prints

Each mask is $25.00 each.  You can't purchase them yet but in the meantime, you can view the prints here.

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Orange Flowers and Leaves on Dark Blue

Orange Tea on Black

Pink and Orange Hibiscus on Black

Sunset, Hibiscus and Palm Trees on White

Beach, Grass and Hibiscus on White

Yellow and Purple Hibiscus on Ecru

Amazon Parrots and Flora on Light Blue

Blue Flowers on Taupe

Multi Flowers on Taupe

Teal Fashion on White

Cest La Vie on Taupe

Blue and Green Geometric on White

Large White Plants on Dark Blue

Green Geometric on White

Pink and Green Camouflage

TNMT Print on Green


Batman Logo on Black

Green and Blue Dinosaurs on Dark Blue

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