Collection: Fabrics available for Large Masks

These fabrics from my collection are all available in a larger size. Some of the fabrics have been in my collection for about 15 years.

The Large Masks Upgrade is designed for people with beards and people with extra-large heads with a 61cm or greater head circumference.

The large masks are 28cm x 21.5cm. These measurements do not include elastic which goes over the ear and adds 20-26cm to the width of the mask.

The way to take your measurements is:
• From Tragus (where your ear starts) over your nose to your other Tragus (this is the longest measurement)
• Nose bridge (top of your nose) over your nose to where your chin meets your neck (this is the shorter measurement)

Your longest measurement will need to be longer than the mask's measurement to fit (a minimum of 2cm). You will find your second measurement to be shorter than the measurement listed as the mask is designed to sit away from your mouth allowing freedom of movement.

As a guide the model's measurements are 28cm x 17cm and wears a standard mask (26cm x 19.5cm) with no additional elastic.

To upgrade your mask to a larger size please add the Additional Upgrade to Large Mask to your order.

If the upgrade is not added to the order it will be made in the standard size. If are buying multiple masks please add the same quantity to you order. Please leave a note on your order in the checkout stating which masks need the additions. If you forget to add the upgrade to your order, or leave a note please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to amend your order.

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