Frequently Asked Questions - Cloth Masks

What is the difference between a Standard and Summer mask?

The Standard Mask has four (4) layers, which include one layer of printed fabric, two inner layers of cotton calico and a lining fabric of cotton lawn.

The Summer Mask has three (3) layers, which include one layer of printed fabric, one inner layer of light cotton fabric and a lining of cotton lawn fabric.

Both styles have an aluminium strip to allow it to form to the nose.

What size are the cloth masks?

The mask come in a finished size measuring 26cm x 19.5cm.  These measurements do not include elastic which goes over the ear and adds an additional 4-7cm to the width of the mask.

If you find most masks to tight then you can add longer elastic or ties to your order by adding these extras to your order? Click here to add it to your order.

What are the cloth mask washing instructions?

• Please make sure to wash the mask in hot water before wearing

• Please make sure to wash every day after wear

• Can be washed in a washing machine or by hand

• Wash in warm or cold water, with environmentally friendly washing detergent for subsequent washes

• Do NOT place the mask in a dryer, allow to dry naturally

• Tip: if you have pets, wash in a delicates bag to avoid fur getting in the mask

Will a Sold Out fabric be returning?

Most of the fabrics listed are part of my fabric collection, and I have been collecting for over 20 years, so are not replaceable. Other fabrics have been sourced from Australian suppliers and are only available in small quantities. So once a fabric has been listed as sold out it wont be coming back.

To make sure you don't miss out on a fabric about to sell out you can check out the Last Chance page here.

Are they medical grade masks?

These are not medical grade masks as they are completely cloth. They are not a substitute for surgical masks. They are not designed to protect against airborne viruses.

Continue to maintain social distancing and avoid touching the front of the mask while wearing. Please wash the mask daily.

How long does it take for the cloth mask to be dispatched?

Each mask is Made-to-Order which allows you to add the above extras to your order, to help get the best fit for you.  As they are Made-to-Order they do take a little bit longer, and are dispatched 2-3 weeks after purchase date.

How long does shipping take once my order has been dispatched?

Please refer to our shipping policy page which can be found here

Can I return my cloth mask?

Due to hygiene reasons, masks cannot be returned.